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  •           Crystal Emporium has an impressive inventory featuring over 1000 beautiful crystal pieces.  We specialize in full-leaded Swarovski, Austrian, & European crystal collectibles. From handcrafted figurines & timeless paperweights to pyramids, jewelry & prisms/sun-catchers that are sure to delight and dazzle, our selection of crystal keepsakes & fine gifts will satisfy even the most demanding of tastes. Our inventory even includes rare, hard-to-find collectables as well, which have long been discontinued!

             Serious collectors & dedicated gift hunters regularly select from an inventory of sentimental classics and innovative new offerings. The word Emporium in our name signifies our vast diversity and we're always searching for great collectables. 

              Featured above, this gorgeous Peacock Fluted pyramid is just one of many pyramids we offer. Our pyramids are ALL full-leaded; each distinctive, classic, and cherished. Pyramids are a symbol of pure love & promote strong stability withstanding the test of time, and are great for healing & meditation too! From Traditional and Spiral to Fluted, Cheops, and Maya, we boast a wide assortment of exquisite shapes and styles perfect for home and office decor! We even offer adorable Lovebirds pyramids and the ever-popular King Tut pyramid!

             Dedicated collectors & crystal aficionados everywhere turn to us when they need to find that special one-of-a-kind piece.  Our extensive variety, affordable prices and excellent customer service are sure to please.

             Whatever the occasion; from weddings, birthdays, holidays, or last minute special surprises, Crystal Emporium has become your #1 place for all your crystal needs by combining great long-lasting collectables, low prices, and great customer service!

  •          Pictured above, is an elegant timeless Swarovski classic! Called the "Strass" desk sphere, this paperweight has been around for over 40 years & comes in a variety of sizes and different colors as well!  Located in our paperweight section, the desk sphere is still a highly popular piece and goes perfectly in your home/work office or as a fantastic, long-lasting gift!

             At Crystal Emporium, we are proud to, not only provide our crystal-loving customers a Superstore of diverse full-leaded collectables in all shapes, colors & sizes, but we want you to know what you are selecting.  Throughout our store, there is a wealth of fantastic information regarding histories, facts, and other useful information such as color & size charts, the story behind Daniel Swarovski, and even the proper care & maintenance of your crystal piece, just to name a few.


    Pictured above are 2 exquisite classics from our Crystal Obelisks section. On the left is a Tri-faced Obelisk while the one on the right is our Monument Obelisk, both in Peacock color.


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  •        At Crystal Emporium, we carry over 75 different styles of full-leaded Prisms from Swarovski, Austria, Egypt, and Europe, and because nearly all come in various sizes & colors, we offer over 750 unique ones!   On the right is a great You Tube video displaying many of our styles dancing & blinging in the California sunshine. Each one is precisely crafted using the latest in computer-programmed technology ensuring the finest in quality & craftsmanship.

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