Company History

        Crystal Emporium first opened for business in 2003 while we were still in Middlebury, Vermont.   Business soon thrived so we decided to expand our online Store to include an Ebay store (http://stores.ebay.com/crystal-emporium/).   In late 2004, we moved to where the sun REALLY shines - southern sunny California, where we currently are located.

        Welcome to Crystal Emporium’s company history.   My name's Wayne, owner & president of Crystal Emporium.  Often, I get asked how I got into the world of crystals, as crystal, in itself, isn't the most masculine of collectables.  

        Well, I've been interested in weather & rainbows since I was about 5 years old.  I was always fascinated with the extreme weather in my hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts where I was raised, as I endured powerful summer thunderstorms & intense nor’easters in the winter.  I got my B.S. degree in Atmospheric Science (Weather) and wrote many articles on rainbows - specifically the light & optical refraction of rainbows. 

        For obvious reasons, the hanging Crystal Prisms & other Crystal Collectables in the neighborhood Hallmark Stores & gift shops certainly caught my attention. They sparkled, dazzled, & danced in the bright lights and the colors given off were breathtaking!  Even though raindrops serve as the medium for the refraction of "real" rainbows, crystal is a wonderful medium to create beautiful rainbows, but on a much smaller scale and without water!  Still, the process is very much the same.  There is almost nothing more beautiful than a vibrant rainbow in the sky or light refracting & reflecting off of full-leaded crystal!  Due to the passion of weather rainbows & the timeless beauty of all full-leaded crystal, Crystal Emporium was born.
Education:   B.S. degree in Meteorology / Atmospheric Science; Lowell University, Lowell, MA (1984)

Thesis:            Light & Optic Refraction of Rainbows & Crystals 

The American Weather Observer:   Chromatic Dispersion of Rainbows & Physics of Rainbows

Weatherwise Monthly Journal:    Atmospheric Optics

Hobbies & Passions:
  • Diehard Boston Sports Fan: 
    1. Boston Celtics (17 Championships – The most by any NBA team.  Hall of Fame – 26)
    2. Boston Red Sox (9 Championships – Last 4:  2004, 2007, 2013, & 2018).  They are the 1st and only team to win 4 World Series trophies in the 21st century.  From May 15, 2003 - April 10, 2013, the Red Sox sold out every home game—a total of 820 games (794 regular season) for a major professional sports record.)
    3. New England Patriots (1st in appearances in a Super Bowl with 10, & the most appearances in the last 25 years.  Between the years 2003 - 2012, the Patriots set a record for most wins in a decade - 126 wins.  They have won the Super Bowl 6 times since 2001). 
    4. Boston truly IS Titletown!  New England – GREAT seafood, GREAT passion for all the hometown teams, GREAT history, GREAT scenery & GREAT people!
  • Extreme weather thrill seeker - Love Blizzards, Hurricanes, & Tornadoes.
  • Retired Semi-pro musician (Keyboards – 56+ years) and (Drums – 45+ years), songwriter, composer & arranger.  Played in many bands around Mass & Maine from 1976-2000.
  • Frisbee Enthusiast - Been playing since age 11. Was Capt of my College Ultimate Frisbee team.  Love Street-style playing and am considered one of the best Frisbee Players in Southern California. Southern California also is home to many Frisbee golf courses (Disc Golf), which I’ve learned.
  • Other Activities:
    1. Bowling – 10 Pin.  I’ve been in a league for many years.  Nice respectable 168 avg.
    2. Ping-Pong – Am very good!  I had no choice here as my older brother, who won MANY trophies, used to use me for practice before his tournaments while growing up.
    3. Photography – Over the years, my photography skills have excelled.  I've received countless compliments on pictures I've taken.


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