The TOP row features broken Swarovski figurines

Just above are the figurines AFTER we have repaired them

Repair  &  Restoration

 We know how valuable & sentimental your cherished crystal can be.

For a variety of reasons, ALL crystal can be damaged - even if it is full-leaded.

After all, it IS still made of glass, despite it containing lead. 

Thankfully, all hope is not lost...

Just the facts:

  • Crystal Emporium is one of the only crystal repair service centers in the U.S.

  • We specialize in repairing and restoring your crystal treasures and collectibles regardless of the manufacturer or reason!

  • Many of the crystal companies no longer perform this service and many are no longer in business!   Even Swarovski, who you would think would, does NOT repair his own work!   Sad, but true.

  • Find out why so many of the largest decorative crystal stores and major manufacturers send their customers with repair issues to us.  Here are just some of the names we've repaired: 
    1. Lennox
    2. Baccarat
    3. Crystalite
    4. Waterford
    5. Wedgewood
    6. Swarovski
    7. Silver Deer
    8. Crystal Mountain
    9. Crystal World
    10. David Lalique, & more

What do we repair?

We repair Crystal, China, Porcelain, Pottery, Ceramics, & Dolls. 

Our repair department has the largest in-stock supply of replacement Swarovski parts in the United States, possibly in the world.  When we repair your Swarovski collectible, it will be 100% original and retain its full dollar value.  This comes backed by our lifetime guarantee.  We recognize how important this is for insurance valuations, curator fiduciary responsibilities, and estate management.

Our repair experts use a variety of techniques in repairing crystal, including fixing broken pieces, chips or cracks.  After returning your piece back to its original luster, the repair will be undetectable to the naked eye and under black light examination. This is not a claim all repair companies make; yet Crystal Emporium has the extensive experience and expertise to back it up.

Common items we repair would include Swarovski figurines, dishes, wine decanters, crystal glassware, prisms, some jewelry, and vases.   And regarding jewelry, we do NOT work with gold.



Here's what  WE  do:

          We repair crystal the old fashioned-way; by cutting, grinding, and polishing.  This is called "Cold Fusion work".  We do not do any "hot glass work" such as melting the crystal via kilns, or use any bellows, torches, or furnaces.  We can only grind a piece down, precision-cut using water-cooled diamond blade saws, replace the part with an identical or very similar, and bond the pieces together using Ultra Violet light-stimulated glue.  For this technique to work, the pieces must be a clean break and perfectly fit together.  The last process is a combination of minor grinding, buffing, polishing, and cleaning.

Here's what  YOU  do:

          Our repair supervisor would appreciate you sending about 3 pictures of the damage parts or imperfections along with a description of the damage and possible manufacturer, if you know it.  He'll examine the pictures and decide if it's repairable.  If so, he'll quote us an estimate which includes the shipping back to you.   It's usually under $100.  It all depends on how extensive the damage is.

          If approved for repair, please wrap each individual piece separately and VERY WELL, then place everything into one box for shipment.   It's very important to carefully wrap & package each piece as we are NOT responsible for any incurred damage due to shipping.

Please contact us for the shipping address as it is different than our PO Box.


We'll do our best to help you restore your crystal item back to where it should be -  

Proudly displayed in your home or office!

Affordable prices & excellent service for yourself & the ones you love.